Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Hardest Button To Button

The Hardest Button To Button

Back in August (I think it was August) Rich said you asked if I would make you up a blues disc. Well, I was honored that you would ask and I immediately started on putting it together.

That's where the problems began. Where to start? And the more I reviewed the more I was learning my self. Then I asked Rich if you would mind if it was more than one disc, perhaps two or three. I had an epic study and comprehensively sweeping set in mind. So I started to work on it some more but the problem was that my library was not static but was ever expanding (thanks to blogs such as
Honey Where You Been So Long )

Next thing I knew August was gone, January was here and you were kind enough to leave $20 at my poker table. And still no blues disc as requested.

That's when I decided to the advice of
one of Bill Murray's best movies and attack the problem in "Baby Steps".

So begins the Blues of the Month blog. Each month in 2007 you receive a single disc of the blues. That'll give you a month to review. If you decide to keep the disc, there is no cost. You can cancel you subscription at any time, but the discs will keep coming regardless. I am having too much fun doing this.

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